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Allen & Son Moving and Storage's Relocation Specialist Service provides complete hands-on residential services.  Our Specialist will attend to the needs of each resident during all phases of the relocation process.  Residents will receive an initial interview introducing the staff and indicate the service we will provide to make a smooth transition for them.  During this interview, the Relocation Specialist will complete a survey to ascertain the specific needs and requirements of the resident during this transition period.  It is to the resident’s advantage to provide accurate information so the Relocation Specialist can assist in moving with minimum hardship. Any information obtained will be kept confidential.  Once the relocation specialist has a clear understanding of the residents needs and preferences, he or she will assure you are given the best possible assistance.

Our Services

We are dedicated to providing a fast and easy process for the tenants, management and the contractor. Here are a few ways we strive to make your renovation a complete success.



The relocation specialist will interview each tenant individually to determine their needs. This will assist in a smooth transition both for the tenant and the contractor.


A seminar will be held inviting tenants to come and learn about the projects details including time, duration, whats happening and when. Also in this seminar a packing tutorial demonstration will be conducted to ensure proper packing techniques which will ensure the safety of items when being relocated.


Providing quality consulting services to organizations across the United States. We tailor our consulting expertise to fit the needs of each new project that comes our way and offer services in the following areas: Relocation Planning, Social Service Program Evaluation & Community Needs Assessment, Building the Capacity of Community-Based Organizations and Strategic Planning.


We provide a team of experienced professional movers. Moving items the proper way during transitions keeps your tenants happy and their items undamaged.


Educating the tenants on choosing the proper box and how to pack it saves time and reduces any damages. We conduct a live demo and provide internet access to a video as well.


Utilizing the latest technology we send out automated calls as a reminder to tenants. This keeps the project on schedule and minimizes any delays.


A newsletter is provided during the project duration. It provides tenants with information about the project, neighbors, community events and even the construction calendar. CLICK HERE FOR A SAMPLE

Packing Tutorial


Educating the tenants on choosing the proper box and how to pack it saves time and reduces any damages.


Ready to Find out More?

The Relocation Specialist will coordinate with the developing Contractor and the Mover to prepare the Residents for what is expected of them and what will take place during the relocation process. 

Residents, by nature, do not want to move or disrupt their daily routine.  For some Residents, relocating can be challenging and requires a Relocation Specialist to move things along smoothly.   The relocation project requires packing seminars for the Residents, where all parties are introduced.

Below are some of the duties of the Relocation Specialist:

  1. Re-visit resident to make sure they are packing to be ready on move date (If they are seniors and mover will be packing, specialist will schedule pack day.)

  2. Provide Developer with monthly reports on progress and any issues that arise.

  3. Review any claims and resolve with responsible parties.

  4. Make sure unit is clean and ready for the resident.

  5. Schedule to have mover to return household goods.

  6. Have resident complete a survey after they have been returned to their unit.

  7. Relocation Specialist understands the project MUST stay on schedule.  



This includes referrals to comparable and suitable replacement homes, the inspection of replacement housing to ensure that it meets established standards, help in preparing claim forms for relocation payments and other assistance to minimize the impact of the move.


The Resident will be contacted prior to start of construction and personally interviewed to determine the resident's needs and preferences for replacement housing and advisory services. 


The interviewer will ask questions about the Resident and other household members including questions about health. 


It is to the Resident's advantage to provide accurate information so the relocation specialist can assist with minimum hardship. Any information obtained will be kept in confidence.


  • Newsletter (monthly)

  • Party & Awards

  • Final Inspection & Recommendations

  • Liaison between Resident, Management & Contractor

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